Huvepharma Introduces Lianol Feed Additive

BELGIUM - As intensive livestock production has changed dramatically over the years, farmers and integrators are continuously looking for possibilities to improve health status and production levels through clever use of new management systems and feed supplements.
calendar icon 19 January 2010
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Various reputable scientists strongly believe in the positive effects natural products can have on metabolic processes, according to producer of veterinary products and feed additives, Huvepharma.

Reaching improved immunity levels results in higher health status and inherently means reaching higher productivity levels.

A large number of natural complementary feed products have been screened over the years but only a limited selection can deliver and live up to these expectations.

Huvepharma is introducing Lianol®, a highly digestible fermented potato protein, whose use results in pro-metabolic peptides in food- producing animals.

Lianol was developed by Ardol BV of the Netherlands.

Huvepharma says the unfavourable effect of negative energy balance on pig fertility and performance has been studied in depth and is largely documented in multiple academic circles.

Various forms of metabolic stress reduce the capacity of the liver cells to produce the normal endocrine metabolic peptides and related functions. Low levels can cause impaired fertility, retarded growth, impaired feed conversion and reduced immunity.

Huvepharma says that Lianol supports the capacity of the liver to produce the necessary and needed physiological metabolic peptides. All this results in better natural immunity, enhanced natural heat, shorter weaning-to-insemination period and reduced number of empty days in sows, all inducing a better and restored liver function and metabolism.

With the benefits of Lianol use in sows confirmed, the effect on the piglets was also studied.

It was found that the litters of Lianol-treated sows were not only larger, they also produced more weaned piglets and mortality levels were considerably lower than untreated sows. Detailed results will be presented at the International Porcine Veterinary Society (IPVS) 2010 in Vancouver.

The combination of these findings with improved piglet immunity levels, higher milk production in sows, optimal standing heat, less empty days and even an increased boar libido and higher semen quality was convincing enough for Huvepharma to include Lianol in its broad product range available across the world, and to provide these product benefits to customers.

As well as these results in pig production, Huvepharma is supporting research to develop the use of Lianol for other species.

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