Industry Pushes Benefits of Growing Pig Feed Grain

by 5m Editor
21 April 2010, at 6:23am

AUSTRALIA - The Pork Co-operative Research Centre (CRC) is trying to get more farmers growing grains for pigs, rather than humans, to eat.

According to ABC, in the next 12 months, the centre will set up supply chains across Australia, to help give better prices to farmers who grow feed grains for intensive livestock industries.

Commercialisation manager Dr Rob Wilson says that, while grains sold as animal food don't usually attract premium prices, that could change.

"We want to try and have a grain that doesn't compete with those human grains," he says. "If he's got an assured market through the end user, which is the advantage of a control loop supply chain, there can be contracts written and the grain grower knows he has an assured market at an assured price."

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