AgFeed Industries Announces New President

by 5m Editor
24 March 2011, at 9:17am

US & CHINA - AgFeed Industries, Inc. has announced the appointment of Raymond M. Cesca as its President.

AgFeed Industries, Inc., an international agribusiness company with operations in the US and China and one of the large independent hog producers and manufacturers of animal nutrients in China announced the addition of Raymond M. Cesca to its leadership team. Mr Cesca will serve as President of the Company and assume his responsibilities on 1 April 2011.

Most recently, Mr Cesca served as Managing Director of World Trade for the McDonald's Corporation where he was a leader of their global expansion. He led the establishment of new relationships that served to lower supply chain costs and helped build an infrastructure that created a world-class supply chain. Prior to McDonald's, Mr Cesca served in leadership positions at CPC International in marketing, sales and business development. In recent years, he also has served as the President of the World Agricultural Forum where he brought together food and agricultural leaders from industry, government, and academia to address critical issues facing global agriculture.

John A. Stadler, AgFeed's Chairman Interim Chief Executive Officer stated: "Ray's focus will be on the next phase of the Company's growth, building on the foundation and momentum established through AgFeed's 2010 acquisition of M2P2. We expect that the global relationships with producers and governments developed by Ray through his career will be invaluable to us as we continue our growth trajectory.

"We are very pleased to have Ray join our team. He is an accomplished leader in the food industry with vast experience at all levels of the global food value chain and brings to AgFeed's leadership team a terrific mix of operational experience that together with his passion for excellence and leadership will be a great compliment to our existing team as he plays a key role in helping to achieve our vision for AgFeed," said Mr Stadler.

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