Centro Verri Italia Signs Agreement with Goland

by 5m Editor
28 April 2011, at 9:49am

ITALY - At the recent International Pig Fair at Reggio Emilia, an important agreement was signed between Italian pig genetics company, Goland, and Hermitage Italia's multi-brand boar stud, Centro Verri Italia.

On 15 April, on the stand of Hermitage Italia srl at the International Pig Fair at Reggio Emilia in northern Italy, Attilio Gorza (sole proprietor of the Italian pig genetic company, Goland) and Kirk Douglas (General manager of Hermitage Italia's multi-brand boar stud, Centro Verri Italia) signed an agreement for future collaboration, which will bring significant benefits to the Italian pig industry.

Hermitage Genetics

Goland is one of the most important Italian swine genetic companies operating on the Italian market, specialised in producing genetic lines suitable for the specific quality requirements of the dried hams, Parma, San Daniele and seasoned traditional Italian products such as salami. Currently, more than 50 per cent of the pigs slaughtered for these products in Italy are of Goland genetic origin.

Centro Verri Italia (CVI), owned and managed by Hermitage Italia srl, is a high-health, multi-brand boar semen production and distribution company encompassing three boar studs, strategically placed to service the Italian pig industry.

CVI also presented at the International Pig Fair its new dynamic service of previous day production and night time bio-secure delivery system. The ‘BIO-LOGI-BOX’ ensures the freshest semen delivery to our customers, commented Mr Douglas.

The undersigned contract will undoubtedly bring advantageous synergy to both parties, permitting Goland access to a part of the market through the highly professional swine semen distribution services of CVI, while CVI will certainly gain by adding a high value and confirmed product line to its already wide choice of genetic suppliers.

The confirmation of this new relationship was the delivery of 37 high- health ‘Gorzagri’ boars to the CVI stud at Varese, north of Milan on 20 April.