Dry Feeding and Liquid Feeding in Pig Rearing

by 5m Editor
28 October 2011, at 10:03am

GERMANY - Housing and feed are important elements during weaning but feeding young piglets requires specific pig feeding systems and management strategies, according to Dr Anne Elkmann and Norbert Bärlein of Big Dutchman. Modern feeding systems support the farmer to better control post-weaning stress and loss in daily gain.

Dr Anne Elkmann and Norbert Bärlein outline the latest trends in pig production and explain the three main phases in pig rearing.

Liquid feeding offers optimal feed consistency, they say, describing the liquid feeding routine in pig production, while giving the advantages of block liquid feeding. They stress the importance of the hygiene status in the pig house.

The authors then move on to describe dry feeding in pig rearing, its technological requirements (including suitable feeders) and they highlight the importance of feed quality in a dry feeding system, comparing volume- and weight-based feed measuring.

Each of these systems can support piglet growth; however, the conditions on a farm, individual requirements of the producer, as well as the specific feed components are decisive factors of whether a liquid feeding or dry feeding system is to be installed, concluded Dr Elkmann and Mr Bärlein. The main key to success, they added, is a pig feeding system that is carefully adapted to the respective farm.

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