Smart Feed Use Pays Dividends

by 5m Editor
30 December 2011, at 8:29am

UK - Being smarter with feed not only improves the bottom line of a pig business but also pays dividends when you need to present your unit in the best environmental light to customers, neighbours or authorities.

Feed accounts for around 60 per cent of the cost of pig production and a similar percentage of its greenhouse gas emissions.

Producers should aim to:

  • Improve FCR and growth rate
  • Reduce wastage and poorly-digested feed
  • Pay attention to precise formulation.

Improved feed use can reduce odours, ammonia emissions, nitrate leaching, phosphate build-up in soils, carbon footprint and, importantly, it benefits pig health.

For more advice, you can download 2TS Action for Productivity no.18: Efficient feed usage by clicking here.

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