Banff Pork Seminar to Examine Swine Research

by 5m Editor
5 January 2012, at 7:37am

CANADA - Pork Producers attending the 2012 Banff Pork Centre will have the opportunity to learn more about some of the work being coordinated by the Canadian Swine Research and Development Cluster, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Swine Innovation is a national research initiative, coordinated by the Canadian Swine Research Development Cluster.

The Prairie Swine Centre and CDPQ are spearheading the implementation of a National Technology Transfer Strategy on behalf of the cluster.

Prairie Swine Centre Information Services Manager Ken Engele says the goal is to get the research adopted by industry and information will be communicated through fact sheets, media releases and seminars, including a session at the 2012 Banff Pork Seminar 17 to 20 January which will examine "Breakthroughs in Canadian Swine Nutrition Research."

Ken Engele-Prairie Swine Centre

Swine Innovation is a nationally based programme that's funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

It involves 14 research projects covering areas such as swine nutrition or feeding strategies, genomics, welfare end engineering.

It has two goals or objective within the program.

One is to reduce the cost of production and second is to look at market differentiation of products.

It's a collaborative effort.

I believe there is 16 different universities or organizations across Canada.

They range from the University of Alberta, University of Manitoba, University of Saskatchewan in the west in addition to organizations like the University of Laval and the University of Guelph in the east.

There's more organizations that are involved as well but overall it's a collaborative effort of 16 research organizations throughout Canada.

Mr Engele notes the session scheduled for the Banff Pork Seminar will focus on Sustainable Precision Livestock Farming, Towards Integrated Nutritional Management of Growing-Finishing Pigs and Novel Swine Feeding Programmes to Enhance Competitiveness and Pork Differentiation.

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