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BPEX Finisher Challenge for Pig Producers

by 5m Editor
30 January 2012, at 9:22am

UK - A few pig finishers have already said they want to join in the 2TS Finisher Challlenge. BPEX has challenged English producers to see how much further they can improve growing pig production by October this year.

If producers have heard about it and are curious about what is actually involved, they can contact one of the BPEX knowledge transfer (KT) team to find out more. Then they just need to say they are ready to go for it and it will be taken from there.

BPEX will help producers identify areas of 'lost potential' and find ways to fine-tune their system. It does not matter what type of finishing system or what the starting point is – the challenge is open to all finishing and contract finishing pig units in England. The goal is to improve performance in the growing pig herd to help the industry reach the two-tonne sow target and increase profitability.

Knowledge Transfer manager Lis Ravn said: "We know that, with an improved focus and often small management changes, a big difference in production can be made. We’ll be providing support throughout the challenge, particularly with performance data records and how to make best use of them. We’d like pig finishers to get in touch as quickly as possible – we’re excited to see what can be achieved by October 2012! There will also be prizes for 'most improved production'."

To contact a BPEX knowledge transfer manager call 0247 647 8092, email [email protected] or click here for details.

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