Hermitage MAXGRO Continues to Set New Records

by 5m Editor
24 February 2012, at 12:09pm

IRELAND - Results from the Freneystown performance testing station in Ireland confirm that the Hermitage Maxgro Terminal boars are some of the fastest growing genetics in the World.

Recent results set new records for growth rate and feed conversion efficiency at the Freneystown station. A top performng GGP Maxgro boar (Code 6877B) which was tested from 52 – 131 Kgs, recorded an ADG of 1.58Kgs (3.48Lbs) per day, FCE of 1.94 and lean meat percentage of 61.2% during the testing period, the fastest growing boar ever tested at the Freneystown performance testing station. GGP Maxgro boars regularly achieve 1.4Kgs + gain per day during the testing period. The record breaking boar will now join the Hermitage GGP Maxgro nucleus breeding programme. All boars are housed in pens of 12 during the test period and individually tested using transponders and the INSENTEC FIRE system.

Hermitage Genetics

Growth and performance in the finishing stages is critically important and the Hermitage terminal line selection programme is specifically designed to optimize performance and ensure the progeny reach slaughter weight in a shorter period of time, thereby reducing the costs of production significantly while maintaining excellent grading and carcass results.

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