TOPIGS South Africa, US Introduce New Feed Advice

4 May 2012, at 10:11am

SOUTH AFRICA and US - In the first week of March, TOPIGS South Africa organised a very successful TOPIGS SA Pig Producers Event.

They invited all of their clients as well as nutritionists from the key players in the pig feed industry. The main aim of the event was to introduce the new TOPIGS feed advice for sows.

TOPIGS USA Inc. recently hosted several seminars for local customers and prospects in Ohio and South Dakota. Dr Bruno Silva, TOPIGS nutritionist, presented an overview of TOPIGS’ nutritional recommendations, research and information to those attending the Ohio seminar.

TOPIGS considers the transfer of this specialist and high-grade knowledge to be vitally important for maximising the added value of TOPIGS genetics. The new feed advice was introduced to other parts of the world in 2011 and earlier this year. For further information about the new feeding advice for sows please see