Halamid Livestock Disinfectant Growing in SE Asia

by 5m Editor
25 June 2012, at 9:20am

THAILAND - Axcentive is delighted to have teamed up with Biosecurity Consultancy (Thai) since the first half of 2012.

Senior Consultant Vernon Fretwell is working full time for Axcentive from his base in Bangkok. He will support and drive the further development of the market for the Universal Disinfectant Halamid® in the fast growing Southeast Asian poultry markets, where biosecurity is increasingly on the agenda of producers as operations become larger and more intensive, and the industry has to evolve.

Mr Fretwell commented: “I am pleased that Biosecurity Consultancy has secured this important mandate from Axcentive... A premium disinfectant like Halamid® has a great deal to offer and the response so far has been fantastic as we look to establish the right channels. Both distributors and producers in these markets are keen to speak to us.

British-born Vernon Fretwell is member of the Poultry Industry Register UK and has a 25 year long experience related to biosecurity in both livestock and aquaculture markets in Asia where he spends most of his time. From his base in Bangkok he will cover the main markets of Viet Nam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and of course Thailand.