Hypor Delivers 487 Breeders to Easy Bio System Korea

by 5m Editor
6 June 2012, at 6:45am

SOUTH KOREA - On March 2012, a shipment of 487 SPF Hypor breeders arrived safe and healthy at Incheon Airport Seoul Korea. After a two week successful quarantine period, Hypor breeders were transported to their final destination: Easy Bio System (EBS) Jiri Mountain GP multiplication farm. In total Jiri Mountain will be an 850 sow Bio-Hypor GP multiplication farm. A second delivery to fill this GP Bio-Hypor farm is scheduled.

Within this shipment there also is total of 30 GGP boars from Large White, Landrace and Kanto Duroc at EBS AI stud. EBS is Hypor’s partner for the Korean market. EBS has next to feed mills, slaughter- and processing plants over 15,000 Hypor sows in production.

Jack Lee, General Director EBS: “Now, EBS has his own Hypor GP production system for the Korean market. Our strategy is to supply highly qualified Hypor F1 Gilts to the market by a strong selection policy of gilts from our own Hypor GP farms rather than contract GP farms.“

Raf Beeren, Managing Director Hypor: "This is another very important step in expanding Hypor’s presence in the Korean market with our excellent partner EBS. This will enable even more Korean pork producers to benefit from Hypor’s added value product portfolio, minimizing the cost of production while maximizing product value."

EASY BIO SYSTEM Inc. operates as an integrated biotechnology-based company in South Korea. Its products include Fermkito, a natural product of chitin, chitosan, and chitosan oligosaccharide fermented with live probiotics; Lacto-Milk, a chitosan, chitosan oligosaccharide, glucan, and mannan based product with various favorable microbes and enzymes; Endo-Power ß, a feed ingredient used in the formulation of animal feeds; and Grow max, an Easy chrome. The company’s other products comprise Yeasture, Cleo, Endonase Plus, Yeasture Plus, Fermkito dairy, Pig-Aroma, Cocci-lock, Zero Cell, Easy Mix Booster, Easy Mix pre starter, Chromium picolinate, Energier, and Easy chrome. Easy Bio System offers its products to various bio resource areas, including food, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. It has strategic partnership with Esys Bioferm, Avicore Life Science, Dan Biotech, In2Gen, Atman Bio, and Ace Biotech. The company was founded in 1988 and is based in Seoul, South Korea.

Hypor is one of the world's leading suppliers of swine genetics. Committed to providing superior genetics, that support profitability in the pork value chain. With its head office located in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, the company has strategically located and interconnected breeding centers in North America, Europe and Asia.