Nutreco Invests in Swine Nutrition Research

by 5m Editor
20 July 2012, at 10:30am

NETHERLANDS - Nutreco is investing in sow and piglet facilities at its Swine Research Centre (SRC) in the Netherlands; the location for world class research in swine nutrition and farm management for over 50 years.

The newly built sow and piglet facilities will be equipped to investigate the relationship between nutrition and production efficiency, reproduction and health. For example, researchers will be able to monitor the feed intake and performance of individual animals even though they are housed in groups. The new facilities complement the recently completed unit for grower-finishing pigs.

Research and development is at the core of Nutreco's strategy to become the leader in delivering innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions to the animal nutrition industry. The SRC, together with the swine research team of Nutreco Agresearch Canada serve Nutreco's swine nutrition business globally. They are part of an extensive Nutreco R&D network. Eight internationally reputed research centres generate new knowledge and nutritional innovations for the main farmed species and in aquaculture. Nutreco research teams frequently collaborate with top universities and scientific institutes around the world. Such collaboration projects contribute to the high quality of Nutreco research and innovations. .

The Netherlands is the base for an important part of Nutreco's R&D network, with the ruminant, calf and feed ingredient research centres in addition to the SRC. Other research centres are located in Canada, Norway and Spain. Nutreco R&D and the recently formed Application & Solution Centre, which is also located in the Netherlands, link market needs with new science and technology to bring added value swiftly and efficiently to Nutreco's customers worldwide.

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