Bird-Proof Pig Units to Stop Diseases

29 August 2012, at 12:40pm

UK - Improving bird proofing on pig units could help reduce the risk of some diseases from entering the unit. Birds, especially starlings and seagulls, can carry diseases, such as swine dysentery and salmonella, onto units.

Now is the time to increase the level of bird proofing on buildings, in readiness for winter, by adding appropriate bird netting around openings and vents in buildings and blocking up holes and cracks around windows, doors and floor spaces.

Also, ensure feed hoppers have well-fitting lids in place and feed spillages are cleared up quickly. This will discourage birds from entering pig areas and reduce loss of feed.

For more information, download the following documents:

BPEX KT Bulletin 16: Bird control and prevention

Birds on pig units – Risks and control

Wild bird populations – Control and impact