Silva Receives Technical Specialists' Award

10 October 2012, at 8:28am

BRAZIL - Dr Bruno Silva is the best technical specialist in the Latin American pig industry. Bruno Silva (32) works for TOPIGS as a researcher and nutritionist. He received the Pork World Industry Award during the Pork Expo 2012 and the Latin American International Swine Congress in Curitiba.

Mr Silva commented: “The fact that I won this prize is a recognition of the good work we do for the pig industry. It also shows that a company such as TOPIGS invests a lot in the training of high quality professionals."

The Pork World Industry Award is an initiative of the leading Latin American magazine Pork World that wants to draw attention to the work specialists do in the pig industry and how they contribute to the industry’s development. The winner of the award is chosen in an online vote by people from the industry. This adds to the importance of the outcome.

With a production of over 1.1 million crossbred gilts and seven million doses of semen per year Dutch based TOPIGS is one of the biggest genetics suppliers in the world. In several countries, TOPIGS is either the market leader or one of the major suppliers.

TOPIGS stands for progress in pigs. This means research, innovation and genetic improvement are the cornerstones of our company. By continuously improving our products, we enable our clients to achieve maximum results.

Dr Bruno Silva Credits: Animal World/Cesar Machado