Elm Spring Wins Maple Leaf Foods' Award

15 November 2012, at 9:15am

CANADA - Genesus Customer, Elm Spring Colony of Warner Alberta, recently received the Maple Leaf Foods – Lethbridge Plant Award for highest grade indexing customer over 12 months, averaging 110.2 index.

Elm Spring Colony has approximately 600 Sow farrow to finish farm operated by David, Will and Joe Wipf. A Genesus customer for almost 20 years, Elm Spring breeds with Genesus Duroc Boars and Genesus Yorkshire-Landrace F-1 females. Elm Spring has been averaging 26.95 pigs weaned per sow.

Genesus congratulates Elm Spring Colony for this recognition by Canada’s largest Packer and Hog Produce Maple Leaf Foods for having the Number One Grade Index.