Genesus: New China Contract

28 November 2012, at 8:12am

CHINA - Genesus continues to grow sales in China as its producers look to bring the latest genetic technology to their businesses and country, says Jim Long of Genesus.

Last week, Genesus signed a contract with Fujian Huatian Group a division of Fujian Xin Min Biotechnology Ltd. whose primary business is feed premix, creep feed and feed for pigs only.

Fujian Huatian Group has new barns under construction by Big Dutchman with intended final production of 5,000 sows in nucleus, multiplication and commercial production. Fujian Huatian Groups sees a tremendous need for world class swine genetics for their feed customers and choose Genesus to meet these requirements.

Genesus Genetics based in Canada is North Americas largest exporter of high health registered purebred pigs and registers more Purebreds than any company in the world. Mike Van Schepdael. Vice President Genesus “We appreciate the confidence Zhang Zaizhen, Chairman of Fujian Huatian Group and his team have in Genesus and look forward to a long and successful mutual cooperation.“