Nutrition Meeting Held by Pfizer Animal Health

by 5m Editor
24 December 2012, at 9:39am

SPAIN - Pfizer Animal Health has brought together four renowned nutritionists to analyse this key matter of modern pig production.

Nutrition is one factor that largely determines the success of the operation and accounts for over 70 per cent of the cost of producing pork, according to the Spanish livestock association, FEAGAS. Within the framework of Jornadas de Nutrición Porcina (Pig Nutrition Days) Pfizer Animal Health met Josep Gasa (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Antonio Palomo (Setna), Ignasi Riu (Optimal Pork Production) and Gonzalo Bruna (Seysa), all recognised and respected nutritionists, to discuss different approaches this key matter modern pig farming.

This conference, under the program of Value Added Services for Pfizer Animal Health, VetSupport+, are part of the company's goal of providing comprehensive solutions to the professional veterinarian, so that they can update their skills, adapt to changing needs in this matter which brand pork production today and optimise nutrition to achieve improved profitability in pig farms.

The meeting, attended by about 30 professionals, addressed the basic components of correct nutrition, specifying the key points as the production stage and sex of the animal, and developed the important interaction between nutrition and appearance of conditions on the farm, among other topics.