Attention for the Individual Pig in the Entire Farming Sector

NETHERLANDS - For decades, Nedap has enabled individual attention for pregnant sows in group housing with pig feeding stations (ESF). In 2010, Nedap Sorting was added to the portfolio, which means that finishers are housed in large social groups, whilst their weight development is determined daily and the animals are guided to the most suitable type of feed. At the end of 2012, the company launched two new Nedap products, which will make individual attention for animals possible in even more locations on the pig farm besides the gestation area.
calendar icon 15 February 2013
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Introduction of Nedap Pig Performance Testing

Nedap Pig Performance Testing is a new solution focused on breeding. The system automatically registers the growth and feed intake of each pig. This makes it easy to identify the best performing animals and selection is made simple; based on the most important production characteristics.

What makes Nedap Pig Performance Testing unique is the accuracy of data collection, the ease of operating use in the barn and the benefits of safeguarding valuable information on a central server. The system continuously monitors the specific weight of the feed and automatically stops when there is no feed. The animals are kept in small social groups; similar to regular housing of finishers.

NEW - Nedap Farrowing Pen Feeding

Nedap Farrowing Pen Feeding enables the sow farmer to provide animals, in the temporary accommodation of the farrowing pen, with automated and correct feed dosing. On the basis of individual physical characteristics such as lactation, litter number, number of piglets and date of farrowing, sows are cared for according to their individual needs.

In order to optimise the feed intake Nedap Farrowing Pen Feeding doses regularly in small rations; spread over the day and adjusted to the number of suckling piglets.

With this new system, the company enables the sow farmer to safeguard the health, results and welfare of their animals - not only in the farrowing house but now also in the farrowing pen. And all this in an efficient and labour-saving way.

Nedap Livestock Management

Nedap Livestock Management develops, produces and markets automation systems for use in animal husbandry all over the world. Producers of meat and milk are experiencing a rising demand for their products due to a growing world population and increasing wealth. At the same time, the pressure on resources such as feed and labour is increasing.

Nedap Livestock Management enables meat and milk producers to use these limited resources in an effective way by automating vital processes such as feeding, milking and oestrus detection. By allowing individual animal management on large-scale farms, higher production results per animal are achieved.

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