Modern Sow Management with Big Dutchman Innovations

by 5m Editor
15 February 2013, at 8:54am

THAILAND - At VIV Asia 2013, the new electronic sow feeding (ESF) station Call-Inn Big Dutchman was added to its ESF product range which will be on display for the first time in Asia. Call-Inn is ideally suited for small sow production units or large units with fixed groups – with a price advantage of 25 per cent compared to similar systems.

The electronic sow feeding system Call-Inn for modern sow management in groups

The new, electro-pneumatically driven metering mechanism comes with a reduced number of electric components and therefore requires less power consumption than comparable devices.

The new Big Dutchman feeding station for efficient sow management does not have an extra selection unit. Therefore, it can easily be managed and is also designed for easy self-assembly. The system can ideally be used in older pig houses. The low-tech feeding station allows for economic individual feeding of sows kept in groups.

Sow management with free access stall Easy Lock

Also featured at VIV Asia is the free access stall "Easy Lock" for group housing of sows. The innovation is equipped with a swinging door which allows the sow to enter or leave the stall at her own will. The stall generally uses very few mechanics, thus significantly reducing the number of faults.