New House Inaugurated with Piglet Rearing Equipment

GERMANY - The agricultural cooperative, Uchtdorf, based in Uchtdorf (Tangerhütte) in Saxony-Anhalt has invested in a new house for piglet rearing.
calendar icon 4 April 2013
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The main reasons: an increase in piglet production and a desire for improved energy efficiency.

Moreover, the constructor attached great importance to animal-friendly housing conditions for the 2,300 weaners. 200 guests used the opportunity of an open house to see the outstanding result and the Big Dutchman pig equipment used in the new house. Main contractor was the agricultural building company Danbauer GmbH.

Sensor-controlled dry feeding system

The agricultural cooperative keeps approximately 650 productive sows. After weaning, the piglets are moved to the new house. A total of eight compartments with nine pens each are available there. The constructor decided to install a multi-phase feeding system. The advantages are obvious: As the feed mixture can be adapted individually to the piglets’ growth, the pigs receive exactly the mixture they need from the very beginning.

The sensor-controlled dry feeding system DryExactpro has been installed in the new house in Uchtdorf. The system transports each mixture to the correct feed valve while the mixer is already preparing the next feeding. A sensor in the automatic feeder checks when the trough is empty. Only then is new feed dispensed. This saves feeding costs and is easy on the cooperative’s purse. The computer-controlled dry feeding system can be completely integrated into the state-of-the-art BigFarmNet control software.

Especially animal-friendly piglet rearing

The new house for piglet rearing was constructed in accordance with Saxony-Anhalt's criteria for an “especially animal-friendly keeping of livestock” and thus exceeds the current requirements of Animal Protection Law. More room and a total of three different kinds of toys are available to the piglets. These toys are attached to a rocker providing further entertainment in the pens.

The pens consist of two areas with different climates and guarantee a breezy move from the farrowing pens to the piglet house. The resting area takes up a third of the total pen space, while the other thirds are used for activities and defecating, respectively. All piglets have room for resting and are protected from drafts. The lying area is heated and additionally equipped with a cover. When the piglets are moved in, the compartment temperature – and thus the temperature in the other two pen areas – amounts to 22 °C. This temperature is then lowered in accordance with the growing piglets’ requirements so that they experience a climate which is always a good fit for their age. Another welcome plus factor: The variable use of energy has a positive effect on the heating costs.

Equipment for pig climate control

Fresh air enters the compartments via the Big Dutchman ceiling inlets CL 1500. The inlet flap opens and steers the flow of the incoming fresh air by downward pull. The air flow is always guided along the ceiling, whether the inlet is opened fully or only sightly, and mixes with the house air while it is sinking. This prevents drafts. The exhaust air leaves the house via exhaust air chimneys installed in the ceiling. On hot days, the inside temperature can additionally be lowered by some degrees thanks to a high-pressure cooling system.

Danbauer GmbH was responsible for the whole project, from planning and construction to equipment. The building experts from Waren (Müritz) in Germany are a well-known, competent and reliable partner of the equipment supplier in Vechta.

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