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BPEX Releases Two New Publications

by 5m Editor
21 May 2013, at 8:07am

UK - The best of the old with something new is the best way to describe two new publications, the Pig Pocketbook 2013 and the BPEX Yearbook 2012/13.

Both are published by BPEX and replace the old Pig Yearbook and the Annual Technical Report.

The Pocketbook, which is available now, pulls together a wealth of statistics to provide processors, retailers, farmers and other interested stakeholders with all the information they need.

As well as production levels and exports, it includes data on livestock numbers, slaughtering, consumption, livestock and meat prices, abattoirs and carcase classification.

The Pocketbook also includes a wide range of information and figures about the poultry industry.

The BPEX Yearbook, which will be published shortly, details all the work being carried out both Knowledge Transfer and Research and Development.

This covers all the research projects including those under the innovation fund scheme, and a section which takes a look at the industry in figures.

These cover everything from performance trends over five years and cost of production data to carcase weights and average back fat measurements.

The Pig and Poultry Pocketbook is available free of charge by emailing [email protected] or call 024 7647 8850.

It is also being made available on the BPEX website in two separate pdf files, one for pigs and one for poultry. Both are in the Published Reports section (click here).

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