State-of-the-art Attapulgite Products Used in Animal Feeds

GREECE - Geohellas S.A. is a Greek technical clays company established to exploit the unique attapulgite deposits in Europe. Attapulgite is a rare magnesium aluminosilicate mineral with a very high water absorption capacity and is used for its anti-diarrheal actions in humans and animals.
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Geohellas discovered its attapulgite deposits in 1998 in northern Greece and has been exploiting them since 2004.

Innovative methods are applied by Geohellas, such as mechanical, thermal and 'dynamisation' treatments, to enhance the specific surface area of attapulgite. This results in an improvement of its anti-diarrhoeal properties, while the thermal activation process offers to the external surfaces of the mineral one new property, the oleophilicity, that leads attapulgite in optimal binding actions on toxins in animal feeding applications.

The optimisation of intestinal microflora’s performance, the binding of toxins produced by fungi during storage of cereals and the binding of toxinogens produced by E. coli and by clostridia are the main actions of attapulgite.

This leads to reduced mortality in young animals, as well as faster development rates. The binding of the toxin, zearalenone, which affects the fertility of animals, also leads to increased productivity.

Geohellas has developed a series of state of the art products based on attapulgite that are used in the animal feeding sector: Ultraafed®, Optify®, Sanfed® and Axorb®.

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