Danisco Presented Advanced Solutions to Pork Industry Issues at World Pork Expo

US - Danisco Animal Nutrition, a business division of DuPont Industrial Biosciences, showcased advanced phytase and natural betaine solutions at the World Pork Expo, which may help pig producers deal with various issues.
calendar icon 10 June 2014
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Some of these issues include:

  • Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea virus (PEDv) – many producers trying to avoid infection have replaced pig plasma in diets with vegetable protein, resulting in more phytate in the diet and a reduced availability of nutrients to the young pig.
  • Achieving optimum pig performance in the shortest possible time to capitalize on the growth in demand for pork.
  • Dealing with increases in the volume of pig manure and associated higher waste management costs as pig production escalates.

Axtra® PHY, the company’s advanced, novel Buttiauxella phytase has been introduced to the market recently and will be featured at World Pork. Axtra PHY offers unprecedented phytate degradation and phosphorus digestibility. When compared with E.coli phytases, its exceptionally rapid activity in the pig's stomach helps producers achieve:

  • Higher feed cost savings through availability of ~20 per cent more phosphorus (P) and calcium (Ca) and ~10 per cent more digestible energy.
  • Additional reductions in manure management costs due to a ~20 per cent decrease in P excretion.

Producers hit by the challenges that diseases such as PEDv cause, e.g. dehydration and energy loss, or even just the issues faced in weaning, can also benefit greatly from the hydrating and gut support benefits of the company’s Betafin® natural betaine, which will also be showcased at World Pork.

Through its osmolytic effects, natural betaine helps to maintain water in cells and reduces the maintenance energy requirements of pigs. This can also lead to benefits for reproductive performance in sows, and a reduction in time to market for grower-finisher pigs. These effects are particularly beneficial at times of dietary energy stress as a result of reduced feed intakes, such as during the hot, summer months. An extra piglet per sow and shorter re-breeding intervals gives Betafin natural betaine a high return on investment at a time when weaned pig value is rising fast.

Gwendolyn Jones, Technical Services Manager at Danisco Animal Nutrition commented: "Pig producers can rely on our new generation phytase and natural betaine solutions to help utilise feed ingredients more efficiently and to support the resiliance of pigs for more profitable and sustainable pig production.”

For further information on how Danisco Animal Nutrition can improve producer profitability through enhanced animal performance, email Monica Hart ([email protected]) or Elissa Coyer ([email protected]).

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