How To Select an Ag Replacement Motor

30 March 2015, at 2:06am

GLOBAL - Today’s livestock operations rely on electric motors to function. Unfortunately, like all things mechanical, motors wear out and have to be replaced, writes Hog Slat's Scott Bauck.

How do you select a replacement motor?

Some criteria are fairly straight forward. You need to match the physical properties like the mounting scheme (C-face or base) frame size, shaft size and length, etc. Most agricultural motors are single phase, and motors with rated voltages of 115/208-230 will fit all applications.

A commonly misunderstood term for rating a motor is Service Factor (SF). The SF rating can be defined as a motor’s ability to operate under load. It’s like a motor’s safety factor. The higher a motor’s SF rating, the more durable the motor. You should expect a motor with a high SF rating to last longer.

Another important rating to consider is Full Load (FL) amps rating for each motor. Simply put, high amp motors are wound with more copper. More copper equals a motor that will withstand more heat before becoming damaged or a motor that will last longer. We would suggest buying a motor with a higher amps rating as it will not need to be replaced as often.

What about energy efficient motors?

Typically these motors have lower SF (1.15) and a lower FL amp rating. This type of motor uses less power during normal operation conditions. The problem is motors rarely operate under normal conditions. All fans get dirty and feed lines jam increasing the load on motors. Add in varying line voltage, common on rural power, and we have stressful conditions that shorten motor life.

Hog Slat GrowerSELECTHog Slat designed the GrowerSELECT line of motors to help simplify a producer’s decision on selecting replacement motors. Our motors feature a high SF (as high as 1.4) and high FL amps rating to increase motor life. GrowerSELECT motors are are engineered to be stronger and more reliable than your standard OEM motor.

Each model number is a direct cross to the most popular brands of feed systems and fans that are used on producers’ farms. So no matter what your existing brand of motor is, we have a GrowerSELECT motor designed to replace it and save you money.

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