Hog Slat Opens 70th Store, Expands to Poland, Germany

22 June 2015, at 7:00am

GLOBAL - Alan Riley, National Retail Manager at Hog Slat, said Hog Slat has recently opened it's 70th store in the US and has expanded it's international retail locations to Germany and Poland.

Alan Riley speaks to ThePigSite's Sarah Mikesell at World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, in early June.

Riley said Hog Slat opened it's 70th store in Algona, Iowa, which was the fourth store to open in the US in 2015. Hog Slat launched stores this year in Texas and Missouri as well.

Hog Slat's new locations in Germany and Poland will offer pig and poultry producers the opportunity to have a wide selection of products, a large amount of inventory and experienced local staff on-site to assist them.