Reduce Stillbirths by Being Pro-active During Farrowing

GLOBAL - One of the most important things in keeping pigs alive is just by being present. The second half of this is using your time effectively, write Lorne and Vick Tannas, swine specialists and nucleus support for Genesus farms in China.
calendar icon 8 June 2015
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In the first 48 hours from birth you can have the greatest effect on survival of the litter than at any other time during growth. If you are washing farrowing crates you are present but you may need someone present checking the sows with delivery. Still births are becoming a larger part of large litters.

Here is a Flow Chart on Assisted Farrowing. Make a recording sheet for each sow and follow this flow chart to help in decision making and time management.

Pelvic Sweep

These two pigs would have been still born without a pelvic sweep at 20 minute intervals. Sows that have large litters tire out. A normal delivery will take less than 6 hours. Once she goes beyond this she needs assistance. Remember to split suckle over 12.

“Being There”, should not be by chance but by planning and controlling your work day.

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