Iron Delivery to Piglets Just got Easier

27 May 2016, at 6:00am

GLOBAL - New technology now allows farmers to deliver iron paste to piglets orally, offering a safer and more natural way to administer iron as well as preventing troublesome iron spots.

Lucy Towers, ThePigSite Editor spoke with Dennis Roks from MS Schippers about the new technology and the array of advantages it offers the farmer.

The delivery system allows the farmer to quickly and safely administer a rich iron paste to piglets through the mouth. This offers a variety of benefits, explained Mr Roks.

Firstly, it is more hygienic not to use a needle and this method is even better than other needless delivery methods as it does not leave an iron spot on the neck which causes that area of meat to be wasted.

Feeding the iron orally is also a more natural, explained Mr Roks.

The specially created iron paste is also perfect for the piglet and helps boost their haemoglobin levels during the first few days.

After this the piglets are fed on peat through to weaning to maintain high haemoglobin levels.

Mr Roks explained that much better growth rates are seen in the piglets receiving the oral iron paste plus peat diet than piglets given an injection.

Piglets also seem to love eating the peat and it gets them used to eating out of a bowl, Mr Roks continued.

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