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Brazilian Pork Exports Record Strong Growth

by 5m Editor
20 July 2016, at 12:00am

BRAZIL - Brazilian exports of fresh/frozen pork for the first half of 2016 increased by 56 per cent on the same period last year, to over 301,000 tonnes.

This was driven by an increase in shipments to all major trading partners. Russian exports, which accounted for a third of all shipments, were up 20 per cent.

Chinese shipments increased from a negligible amount to over 41,000 tonnes, as Brazil regained access to the Chinese market, so its volumes picked up from a standing start.

However, the value of exports did not keep pace with the volume, increasing 15 per cent in the first half of the year on 2015 levels. The average unit price was down 26 per cent, as the Brazilian real continued to weaken against the US dollar.

Export volumes have been supported by both the devaluation of the Brazilian currency and firm exports to Russia and China. The number of plants accredited to export to these countries has increased.

Furthermore, Brazilian pork is expected to become more competitive in established markets such as Angola, Japan, Mexico and Singapore. South Korea has also opened its markets up to Brazilian pork after years of negotiation, so this will further support exports.

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