New EasySlider Offers Individual, Computer-Controlled Feeding in Sow Management

GERMANY - Optimising the feed supply is a central factor for economic success in sow management. A computer-controlled dosing device for farrowing pens that Big Dutchman recently introduced to the market can be a solution: EasySlider ensures that each sow can demand just as much feed as she needs.
calendar icon 20 October 2016
clock icon 2 minute read

This improves digestion and lactation and causes an increase in feed intake. Moreover, the Big Dutchman innovation helps to prevent piglet losses: The sows no longer get up suddenly as they often do with fixed eating timetables.

EasySlider, mounted beneath the volume dispensers, furthermore affects hygiene and feed intake, and only in the best way. The feed is always fresh and only very little remains uneaten in the trough. The feed pipe is open at the upper end, making thorough cleaning very simple. Like the removable dosing unit, the pipe is also easy to maintain.

Sow management with individual feeding

To dispense feed, the sow simply actuates a pendulum inside the feed pipe. When the feeding computer confirms that the sow is entitled to receive feed, EasySlider doses out one portion. The required amount of feed can be set and checked individually for each sow. The sow’s eating behaviour can thus be monitored easily, allowing a good overview and control of all animals’ state of health: Deviations often indicate that there are health issues.

BigFarmNet technology

EasySlider is controlled by the innovative BigFarmNet software. This technology interconnects the entire farm. All applications and control computers are part of one single program. Controlling and managing pig houses, at one location as well as simultaneously on different farms, is made easy and efficient.

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