Eastman Re-Launches Eastman ProturalTM - a Superior Zootechnical Swine Feed Additive

4 November 2016, at 6:00am

GLOBAL - Eastman will be using Eurotier as a platform for re-launching the company’s sodium benzoate–based zootechnical feed additive, Eastman ProturalTM.

Eastman Protural has valuable benefits including: increasing growth performance in piglets and reducing the feed conversion rate. The product is an effective feeding strategy for alleviating post-weaning complications without using antibiotics. It is odourless and free-flowing and has excellent handling properties.

"Eastman Protural has valuable benefits for the swine industry," says Irene Quintana, Global Marketing Director Animal Nutrition at Eastman.

Production started at our plant in Estonia in August this year to serve our European customers.

Eastman’s Animal Nutrition team is looking forward to presenting the full benefits of Eastman Protural to current and potential new customers at Eurotier, Hall 23 booth 39 from 15-18 November in Hannover, Germany.


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