PROVENIA Feed Supplement for More Potent Piglets

31 January 2017, at 12:01am

GLOBAL - PROVENIA feed supplement is a unique protected source of flavouring compounds, including benzoic acid.

Research has demonstrated that piglets supplemented with PROVENIA show less cases of diarrhea, as well as benefits to average daily gain, feed conversion and bodyweight uniformity compared to non-supplemented piglets. Recent trials have also revealed that PROVENIA can be used as alternative to zinc oxide to boost piglet performance.

PROVENIA is manufactured with exclusive Novus Premium Blend Technology. The benzoic acid is homogenously embedded into a vegetable fat matrix, which delivers two exclusive benefits compared to non-protected, free benzoic acid sources:

  • In terms of efficacy, the resulting uniform granules ensure protection of the active ingredients throughout the stomach until they reach the intestinal tract. Here, the active substances are gradually released until the hindgut.
  • In terms of handling, the protection minimizes negative handling aspects and offers a more pleasant handling experience as it is dustless, low-odor, free flowing and non-corrosive; mixes homogeneously in the feed for optimal intake by the pig; and is stable during feed manufacturing processes.