World Pork Expo: Hog Slat Launches Upgraded Fan

14 August 2017, at 12:00am

ANALYSIS - Hog Slat launched an upgraded AirStorm fan at World Pork Expo that increases output by 13.5 per cent and efficiency rates.

AirStorm Fan by Hog Slat"We've made some upgrades to our current offering. We've increased the corrosion resistance by changing from stainless to coated aluminum fan supports," said Austin Baker, Director of Ventilation with Hog Slat.

"We were able to cut back on our shipping costs for that fan itself as well as increasing the strength and rigidity. The way the X brace support is mounted on the fan, it’s isolated from the housing itself cutting back on vibration."

Hog Slat has retained all stainless steel hardware inside the fan. They've changed from a captured bearing system to a pillow block bearing system, allowing producers to maintain their system more easily.


  • Gel-coated fiberglass housing
  • Powder-coated, extruded aluminum supports
  • Stainless motor and bearing plates
  • Stainless prop
  • Rubber dampeners to minimize vibration

"We increased our output by 13.5 per cent as well as increasing our efficiency rates while maintaining the same price. So producers can buy an improved product for what they were already spending," Baker said.

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