GenoTube Offers Extended Life for Diagnostic Samples

25 October 2017, at 12:00am

ANALYSIS - Looking for a better way to collect and deliver diagnostic samples to the laboratory? Thermo Fisher Scientific's GenoTube is a non-invasive nasal swab for collection of DNA or RNA from animals.

Aurore Blanc, R&D team at Thermo Fisher Scientific in France, describes the advantages of the GenoTube - a diagnostic tool from Thermo Fisher.

The GenoTube is easy to use and can be handled by even novice users. A variety of different sample types can be taken including nasal swabs, saliva, blood and feces samples, said Aurore Blanc, R&D team at Thermo Fisher Scientific in France.

"The big advantage of the GenoTube is that it is a special swab that permits really quick drying," said Blanc. "It drys your sample in two hours, and it permits the sample to be very stable over time. We have done experiments, and on day five we can still obtain really good results compared to day one. So to mimic a shipment, you can store a sample longer at room temperature and obtain good results."

Once dried, collected samples can be transported and stored without refrigeration, which makes transportation simple and cost-effective. In the lab, the samples can be easily reconstituted and used for numerous analyses.

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