AIC warns of shortages of Vitamins A and E for livestock feed supplies

11 December 2017, at 12:00am

The livestock feed industry is facing a lack of supply of vitamins A and E due to two recent incidents, warns the Agricultural Industries Confederation.

The first incident was a fire during October in a German plant that produces a key precursor to production of the two vitamins; second, closure of a Chinese facility on environmental grounds.

George Perrott, head of AIC’s feed sector, commented:

There are reports that supplies are becoming very tight and the industry worldwide will have to manage a significant shortfall of two critical ingredients for several months. It would appear that normal volumes may not be produced until March or April 2018.

FEFAC, the European trade body for animal feed has warned that as stocks are not sufficient to offset the deficit of production, feed manufacturers globally will have no choice but to reduce the inclusion rates in feed. Although, for young and gestating animals, levels of supplementation will have to be maintained to avoid adverse effects on animal welfare and livestock production.

AIC is liaising with Defra and farming unions on the issue and professional feed operators will strive to ensure any risk is minimised.

As reported by AIC

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