The best of The Pig Site 2017: Controlling gastric ulcers

15 December 2017, at 12:00am

Continuing in The Pig Site’s rundown of the best articles of 2017, today…

Controlling gastric ulcers in pigs

6 January 2017

Gastric ulcers in finishing pigs can be a major issue, affecting performance factors such as weight gain and feed conversion. Several investigations on ulcers were presented during the 24th International Pig Veterinary Society Congress in Dublin, Ireland, 2016. This article looks at: herd level risk factors for stomach ulcers in finishing pigs; the evidence showing that coarse barley in pelleted feed diets reduces stomach ulcer risk; the effects of offering different roughages to fattening pigs on gastric health; injuries in stomachs of piglets and swine Helicobacteriosis; and the presence of Fusobacterium gastrosuis in pigs with ulcers.

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