The best of The Pig Site 2017: Weaning troubles

27 December 2017, at 12:00am

Continuing in The Pig Site’s rundown of the best articles of 2017, today…

Weaning Pigs Agree: “Change is Hard”

17 February 2017

How would you feel if one day – seemingly out of the blue – someone took away your favorite beverage and replaced it with something they said was good for you? Would you scream frustration? Would you refuse to do anything? Would you sulk? If you said, “yes”, you agree with most weaning piglets: Change can be hard, writes Dari Brown, Purina.

The weaning period can be challenging for pigs and swine producers alike. The transition from sow’s milk to dry feed can cause stress that in turn can lead to performance lags and a less than optimal return on investment.

The Purina Animal Nutrition Centre provides a top three steps to achieving a smooth transition through weaning.

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