Science advances with MCFA set to power swine production into the future

The latest opportunities in nutrition and gut health will be highlighted at World Pork Expo 6-8 June in Des Moines
calendar icon 4 June 2018
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CALGARY, ALBERTA & ARDEN HILLS, MN - As the pork industry across the US and Canada prepares for a new landscape of dramatically evolved rules, expectations and demands impacting how pigs are raised, advances in the science behind a ground-breaking feed additive technology are generating fresh solutions to help producers and their industry transition to the future.

The feed additive option at the forefront of these advances is medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) technology – featured at the World Pork Expo, 6-8 June in Des Moines, Iowa. MCFA are molecules consisting of 6 to 12 carbon length chains that have shown functional activities beneficial to all phases of swine production and value chain movement. Two leading providers of MCFA technology options are US-based PMI Nutritional Additives and Canada-based Canadian Bio-Systems Inc (CBS Inc) Both companies are strategic partners with Nuscience, a member of the Royal Agrifirm Group, to help bring the best MCFA products including the latest generation product brands, OutPace and Biotica, to their respective countries.

“The swine industry has entered an important time of evolution that demands new science-based solutions,” says Dr Peter Karnezos, Research Director of PMI Nutritional Additives.

“MCFA technology represents a leading area of innovation that can play a central role in helping to meet today’s challenges, as pork production continues to shift toward a new toolbox for the 21st century. We look forward to sharing the latest information at the World Pork Expo.”

A rising focus for producers and industry is how to optimie intrinsic health and immunity, including via feed additives that can positively support gut wellness and morphology. Research is uncovering new opportunities for functional feed ingredient including their potential to help with strategies to address top challenges. These include supporting animals during common periods of stress such as diet change, movement or other wellness challenges.

Studies have confirmed that the foundation of the potential of MCFA as a uniquely potent, bio-based functional feed additive is rooted in its unique molecular composition. MCFA are “free” fatty acids that are unbranched with no double bonds or ring structures, making them highly maneuverable and active immediately. Studies have shown leading commercial blends of MCFA are beneficial when pigs are fed diets with or without antimicrobials. However, with the shift toward greater restrictions on antimicrobials use and stricter, judicious use principles, they have garnered increasing attention as a top option to help producers transition to these new realities.

“The latest formulations featuring MCFA technology are built for now and for the future – they fit the direction progressive companies and producers are adopting to stay ahead of the curve” says Rob Patterson, Technical Director of CBS Inc.

“They represent a ‘triple-win’ tool – benefitting the animals, producers, and the industry as a whole. As a non-pharmaceutical, bio-based feed additive, MCFA options also fit the type of production input that is increasingly preferred and well accepted by the marketplace.”

New information on the latest knowledge, options and opportunities with MCFA technology, including details on OutPace from PMI Nutritional Additives and Biotica from CBS Inc will be announced and showcased at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, IA.

Attendees can get information by visiting the PMI Nutritional Additives tent (G-523) and CBS Inc. tent (G-413).

As reported by PMI Nutitional Additives and Canadian Bio-Systems

Emily Houghton

Editor, The Pig Site

Emily Houghton is a Zoology graduate from Cardiff University and was the editor of The Pig Site from October 2017 to May 2020. Emily has worked in livestock husbandry, and has written, conducted and assisted with research projects regarding the synthesis of welfare and productivity of free-range food species.

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