The impact of vitamins on swine production

by 5m Editor
3 July 2018, at 12:00am

Vitamins are essential for sustaining life, and dietary sources are needed to maintain health and promote growth, development and reproduction.

Relative to most other nutrients, the requirements for vitamins are very small; however, the native vitamin content of common dietary ingredients is either non-existent or very low, with relatively poor or unpredictable bioavailability. Therefore, supplemental vitamins are an essential part of a profitable nutrition program.

Innovation in Vitamin Supplementation

To fully optimize the genetic potential within their herds, and to improve overall nutrition status and profitability, DSM introduced Hy•D® for swine. Hy•D is a proprietary metabolite of vitamin D 25-(OH)D3 that supplements vitamin D3, and is available in two forms – solution formulation and as a feed ingredient.

When Hy•D is fed, it bypasses the animal’s liver to ensure direct availability of 25-(OH)D3, the circulating form of vitamin D3. After it’s consumed, Hy•D is consistently and efficiently absorbed by the animal. This eliminates the need for conversion in the liver, so optimal vitamin D status is achieved, and calcium and phosphorus utilisation are maintained more consistently.

OVN recommendations ensure adequate vitamin levels

Dr Jonathan Bergstrom, DSM Senior Technical Support Manager, Swine “I think the first steps for producers is to work with their nutritionist and make sure their vitamin levels are adequate based on the current science and knowledge that we have,” said Bergstrom. “Also make sure that they’re using high-quality feedstuffs to begin with because things like mycotoxins or moulds can interfere with the animal’s ability to absorb or utilise vitamins, even if they’re in the diet. Based on all the science we’ve looked at globally that’s been done with vitamins in swine and for other species, we provide Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN) recommendations which are reviewed and updated every few years and provide producers a science-based answer to the question, ‘What level should we be feeding?’ OVN levels are designed to ensure producers are supplementing adequate levels to prevent problems.”

DSM is committed to bringing localised solutions and products to market to help their customers remain sustainable and competitive in their markets. DSM also encourages producers to closely work with their nutritionist or veterinarian to ensure their herd has the optimum vitamin D3 levels at each life stage.
For more information on Hy•D® contact your feed company or your DSM account manager. Additional details about Hy•D for swine and Optimum Vitamin Nutrition guidelines can be found at

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