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Adisseo's first Advancia Academy targets byruvate

The academy will be presenting research on the molecular and functional aspects of butyrate at the 6th Intestinal Health Scientific Interest Group in Rome.

by 5m Editor
1 April 2019, at 12:21pm

At this occasion, Adisseo is focusing its first Advancia Academy 2019 on butyrate.

“Butyrate is indeed an essential nutrient for the enterocyte and hence offers gut health benefits. It can either be produced by commensal bacteria or supplemented through the diet. What are the benefits and limits of its action? How can we improve gut functioning through endogenous and exogenous butyrate? will be the key topics of this Advancia Academy," said Dr Pierre-André Geraert, Director Scientific Marketing, Adisseo.

Among speakers, Dr Hervé Blottiere (INRA) and Dr Petra Louis (Rowett) will focus on butyrate as a key functional regulator: the messenger!

Professor Filip van Immerseel (Ghent Univ) will address the dietary means to influence the butyrogenic microbiota while Dr Joshua Gong and Professor Kolapo Ajuwon will focus on the exogenous butyrate and its actions on the gut and beyond.

Dr Jean-Paul Lalles will close the seminar through the molecular and functional aspects of butyrate and intestinal alkaline phosphatase on gut protection and inflammation.

Wworkshop time will allow all participants to further exchange information on practical issues.

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