Philippines to study Ivermectin’s ability to prevent ASF infections

The Philippines Department of Agriculture is conducting preliminary field trials with the drug Ivermectin to test its efficacy in preventing and controlling African swine fever (ASF).

3 May 2021, at 10:17am

Reporting in the Business Mirror explains that the Philippines Department of Agriculture will create an inter-agency research team on controlling and preventing African swine fever. One of their first activities will be testing Ivermectin and other agents’ ability to prevent and control the spread of ASF.

The research team was created with Special Order (SO) 310, issued by Agriculture Secretary William Dar. Secretary Dar told the research team to “prepare research proposals on the use of Ivermectin, ASF Buster, Cloud Feed and other potential products,” to combat the spread of ASF.

The inter-agency group would also “conduct preliminary field trials of Ivermectin and other agents to produce science-based evidence in support to control and prevention programs of ASF.”

Dar ordered the group to “formulate and draft science-based policies for the national guidelines in using Ivermectin and other agents in the control and prevention programs of ASF.”

Ivermectin is a common anti-parasitic drug that can kill multiple viruses in vitro, but translating that therapeutic ability in human and animal trials is not always guaranteed. ASF Buster is an “external and oral disinfectant spray to kill bacteria and neutralize viruses,” according to Alixin PH, the product manufacturer.

Secretary Dar also announced that the Department of Agriculture has partnered with 10 private companies to trial potential ASF vaccines.

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