MeatsPad podcast series S2E2: Monitoring pork quality for export markets

27 September 2021, at 9:32am

A new series to The Pig Site. We are delighted to partner with MeatsPad bringing you a weekly podcast dedicated to sharing breakthrough knowledge from meat specialists and professionals in meat science, including animal welfare, meat production, meat quality and food safety.

This week we welcome back our former guests to continue the conversation on pork quality. Dr. Travis Arp and Dr. Dustin Mohrhauser from USMEF and Smithfield Foods, respectively, talk about some of the challenges for the pork industry in terms of fat quality and how they tackle it on the frontline. Many countries pay close attention to the inbound quality of their pork products and during this conversation we dive into how the industry is currently monitoring and evaluating these factors.

This video is is sponsored by U.S. Meat Export Federation® and Ultra Source®.

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