MeatsPad podcast series S2E1: The Meat Futurist w/ Jack Bobo

13 October 2021, at 12:03pm

This week on the MeatsPad Podcast we receive Jack Bobo, author of the book ‘Why smart people make bad food choices' During this episode, Jack shares his previous experiences and explains about the role of agriculture in the modern world and how the food industry, government, and academia may work together to combat food waste.

In addition, he dives into the future of food and describes how consumers are reshaping their thinking about what they eat.

Meat our guest: Jack Bobo is the CEO of Futurity, a food foresight company that helps brands get ahead of trends so they don’t get run over by them. He leverages insights in food technology, consumer attitudes and consumer trends to deliver meaningful results for his clients. Jack is a regular speaker on global trends in agriculture, consumer perceptions of risk, science communication and the art of networking.

Today you will learn about:

1. What are the fears of today’s consumer?

2. Modern agriculture

3. The food waste dilemma

4. Supersizing

5. A multidisciplinary approach

6. Simple solutions for complicated problems

7. Sustainability

This video is is sponsored by U.S. Meat Export Federation® and Ultra Source®.

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