Trouw Nutrition Spotlights Science-Based Pig Nutrition at ESPHM

Research shows how nutrition interventions can support pig health, performance and animal welfare in non-medicated environments
calendar icon 5 May 2022
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As the European Society for Porcine Health Management (ESPHM) convenes in Budapest, Hungary, 11-13 May, 2022, Trouw Nutrition, Nutreco’s livestock feed business line, will demonstrate how science-based nutrition can support pig health and performance in non-medicated production environments. The gathering of veterinarians, nutritionists and scientists comes at a time when Europe’s pig producers are seeking strategies to support herd health and performance without medicated feed interventions. Beginning in June 2022, the EU will ban the long relied-on management practice of feeding high levels of zinc oxide to support pigs’ gut health.

Extensive research conducted by Trouw Nutrition and university partners has shown nutritional strategies can manage enteric health and other production challenges without compromising animal performance or producer economics. During ESPHM, Trouw Nutrition will present nutritional solutions tailored to the challenges pigs face across different production stages and in varied production environments. Four poster presentations and a flash presentation will highlight research supporting the efficacy of science-based nutritional strategies. Attendees can also learn about nutritional solutions validated in the lab and on commercial farms by visiting the Trouw Nutrition booth. Solutions that will be featured at ESPHM are noted below:

Early life interventions to drive piglets’ lifetime performance

Studies tracking piglet development have found that performance quality by ten weeks of age predominantly predicts lifetime performance. Based on the latest scientific insights into digestive physiology and functional nutrition, Trouw Nutrition designed Milkiwean Vital Start, a piglet feeding programme formulated with Kinetio technology to protect piglet digestive health while minimising weaning stress. On-farm research proves that Milkiwean Vital Start reduces the need for treatments by 2,27% and decreases the overall cost per pig in operations by 6,51%, compared with standard medicated diets.

Nutritional strategies to manage bacteria load

Supplementing pigs’ diets with organic acids presents another tool proven to support herd health and performance in non-medicated environments. A study shared at the Trouw Nutrition booth during ESPHM will show the impact of Selacid® Green Growth MP and Selko®-4health on bacterial threats such as Streptococcus Suis in pigs.

And, as more is learned about the role of phytochemicals on immune system support, a poster presentation will review the potential benefits of supplementing rosemary extract during the final 33 days of the grow-finishing diet.

Investing in feeding the future

Remarking on the first non-virtual ESPHM since the pandemic, Greg Page, Global Research Manager at Trouw Nutrition stated, “We are proud to be presenting research findings at ESPHM, a venue that has long served as a platform for scientific exchange and dialogue between scientists, veterinarians and other professionals who strive to improve pig health, performance and welfare.” The findings from hundreds of Trouw Nutrition studies conducted annually are applied to practical solutions that can support pigs on the farm through an integrated approach to feed, farm and health management. “At the end of the day, investments in research are integral to not only developing science-based solutions but supporting Trouw Nutrition’s purpose of Feeding the Future,” said Page.

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