DIY or outsourced pig butchering: which is best for a small farm?

If you’re getting started in the pig farming industry and working at a small scale, then you’ll need to know whether butchering your pigs yourself or outsourcing this task makes the most sense.
calendar icon 6 January 2020
clock icon 8 minute read

Learn more about pig butchering

With this information, you should be better prepared to decide if DIY or outsourced pig butchering is going to be best for your small pig operation. You may also choose to combine these if it will help you increase your profit margins.

To learn more about the process of pig butchering, please explore The Pig Site. A number of helpful articles are available, including How stress affects meat quality. Expanding your knowledge of pigs will aid your success at any level of pig farming.

man cuts the fat off a pig carcass whilst butchering
butcher slicing ham in a shop

Melody Joy Cary

Melody has spent over five years working as a freelance author, specialising in technical veterinary content and animal husbandry. She has a keen interest in small-scale livestock management.

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