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Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 2013

22 January 2013, at 12:00am

A compilation of the reports from the Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University published in its 2013 'Animal Industry Report'.

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AS-Leaflet-R2808 Poor Weaning Transition ADG in Pigs is not Correlated with Pathological or Immunological Markers of Enteric Disease during a PRRSV Outbreak - Cassandra Jones, John Patience, Nicholas Gabler, Rodger Main, Darin Madson

AS-Leaflet-R2809 Blood Cortisol as an Objective Tool to Measure Painful and Non-painful Hoof Lameness States in Multiparous Sows - Caroline Mohling, Monique Pairis-Garcia, Anna Johnson, Kenneth Stalder, Locke Karriker, Hans Coetzee, Suzanne Millman

AS-Leaflet-R2810 Behavioural Fear Response to a Novel or Human Stimuli in Barrows Selected for Feed Efficiency - Jessica Jenkins, Anna Johnson, Nicholas Gabler, Aileen Keating, Suzanne Millman, Janice Siegford

AS-Leaflet-R2811 Yohimbine (alpha 2-antagonistic reversal agent) Effect on Return to Sensibility in Anesthetized Sows - Monique Pairis-Garcia, Anna Johnson, Kenneth Stalder, Locke Karriker, Suzanne Millman

AS-Leaflet-R2812 Proximity of Nursery Pigs from a Human Observer during an Animal-human Interaction Test Before and After Vaccination - Shawna Weimer, Anna Johnson, Kenneth Stalder, Locke Karriker, Thomas Fangman

AS-Leaflet-R2813 Effects of Chronic Heat Stress on Ovarian Steroidgenesis Pathway Members in Gilts - Jackson Nteeba, Rebecca L. Boddicker, Jason W. Ross, Lance H. Baumgard, Aileen F. Keating

AS-Leaflet-R2814 Evaluation of the Responsiveness of Swine Divergently Selected for Feed Efficiency to an Exogenous Adrenocorticotropin Hormone (ACTH) Challenge - Jessica Jenkins, Nicholas Gabler, Lloyd Anderson, Jack Dekkers, Anna Johnson, Frank Dunshea

AS-Leaflet-R2815 Expression of RNA Binding Protein DND1 in the Porcine Uterus during the Estrous Cycle and Early Pregnancy - Ben H. Hale, Cai-Xia Yang, Jason W. Ross

AS-Leaflet-R2816 Genome Wide Association Studies for Residual Feed Intake Traits in Pigs - Suneel Onteru, Danielle Gorbach, Jennifer Young, Dorian Garrick, Jack Dekkers, Max Rothschild

AS-Leaflet-R2817 Accuracy of Genomic Prediction when Accounting for Population Structure and Polygenic Effects - Napapan Piyasatian, Jack C.M. Dekkers

AS-Leaflet-R2818 Genomic Prediction Using Linkage Disequilibrium and Co-segregation - Xiaochen Sun, Rohan Fernando, Dorian Garrick, Jack Dekkers

AS-Leaflet-R2819 FOXO3 Expression and Function in the Pig Oocyte and Embryo - Cai-Xia Yang, Elane C. Wright, Benjamin Hale, Aileen F. Keating, Jason W. Ross

AS-Leaflet-R2820.pdf Feeder Space Availability and Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles Inclusion Level Interaction on Grow-finish Pig Performance and Total Tract Digestibility in a Commercial Setting - Emily Weber, John Patience, Kenneth Stalder

AS-Leaflet-R2821 Whole Genome Association Study for Lactation Feed Efficiency in Yorkshire Sows Selected for Residual Feed Intake during Finishing - Dinesh M. Thekkoot, Jennifer Young, Zhi-Qiang Du, Suneel Onteru, Max F. Rothschild, Jack C. M. Dekkers

AS-Leaflet-R2822 The Impact of Duration of Feeding and Saturation of Dietary Fats on Changes in Body Fat Over Time and on Final Carcass Lipid Iodine Values - Trey Kellner, Ken Prusa, John Patience

AS-Leaflet-R2823 Quantitative Trait Locus on Sus scrofa Chromosome 4 Associated with Host Response to Experimental Infection with Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus - Nick Boddicker, Dorian J. Garrick, James Reecy, Bob Rowland, Joan K. Lunney, Jack C. M. Dekkers

AS-Leaflet-R2824 Effect of Piglet Age on Distress Associated with Gas Euthanasia, Neonate vs. Weaned - Larry J. Sadler, Chad D. Hagen, Chong Wang, Tina M. Widowski, Anna K. Johnson, Suzanne T. Millman

AS-Leaflet-R2825 Comparison of CO2 versus mixed CO2:Argon Gas at Different Flow Rates Using the Smart Box Euthanasia Device as an Effective Method of Piglet Euthanasia - Larry J. Sadler, Chad D. Hagen, Chong Wang, Tina Widowski, Anna K. Johnson, Suzanne T. Millman

AS-Leaflet-R2826 Effects of In-utero Heat Stress on Porcine Post-natal Thermoregulation - Jay Johnson, Jason Ross, Joshua Selsby, Rebecca Boddicker, Victoria Sanz-Fernandez, Lance Baumgard

AS-Leaflet-R2827 Costs of Implementing Genome-enabled Selection in Swine - Caitlyn Abell, Jack Dekkers, Max Rothschild, John Mabry, Kenneth Stalder

AS-Leaflet-R2828 Identification of Measures Predictive of Age at First Puberty - Kody L. Graves, Bethany Mordhorst, Nicole Oldfather, Elane C. Wright, Benjamin Hale, Aileen F. Keating, Ken Stalder, Jason Ross

AS-Leaflet-R2829 Digital Evaluation of Structural Phenotypes Common among Higher Parity Crossbred Sows - Joseph D. Stock, Viren R. Amin, Doyle E. Wilson, Caitlyn E. Abell, Kenneth J. Stalder

AS-Leaflet-R2830 Using Classification Trees to Detect Lameness in Sows - Caitlyn Abell, Anna Johnson, Lock Karriker, Suzanne Millman, Kenneth Stalder

AS-Leaflet-R2831 A Comparison of Fresh and Frozen Chops and Roasts from Gilts, Physical Castrates, Entire Males, and Immunologically Castrated Males - Amanda Elsbernd, John Patience, Ken Prusa

AS-Leaflet-R2832 Effect of Deviations from Predicted Lactation Feed Intake on Reproductive Performance in F1 Sows - Chad Yoder, Tom Baas, Clint Schwab, Justin Fix, Valerie Duttlinger

AS-Leaflet-R2833 Feed Intake, Feed Efficiency, and Growth of Pigs Selected for Divergent RFI Fed High Versus Low Energy Diets - Jennifer Young, John Patience, Nicholas Gabler, Jack Dekkers

AS-Leaflet-R2834 Feed Intake and Growth Rate in Purebred Berkshire Pigs Housed in Hoop Buildings in Iowa - Matt Swantek, Wayne Roush, David Stender, Pete Lammers, John Mabry, Mark Honeyman

AS-Leaflet-R2835 Lean and Fat Deposition Measurements for Purebred Berkshire Pigs Housed in Hoop Barns in Iowa - Matt Swantek, Wayne Roush, David Stender, Pete Lammers, John Mabry, Mark Honeyman

Animal Health

AS Leaflet-R2750 Immunization for Influenza A Virus by Intranasal Administration of Alphavirus Replicon Particles - Qi Chen, Ryan Vander Veen, Darin Madson, D.L. (Hank) Harris

AS Leaflet-R2751 Expression and Immunogenicity of an Alphavirus Replicon African Swine Fever Virus Vaccine Candidate in Swine - Mark Mogler, Kurt Kamrud, Jill Gander, D.L. (Hank) Harris

AS Leaflet-R2752 Development of an Alphavirus Replicon Classical Swine Fever Virus Vaccine Candidate - J. Dustin Loy, Mark Mogler, Jill Gander, Kurt Kamrud, D. L. (Hank) Harris

AS Leaflet-R2753 Direct Delivery of VP19 Double-Stranded RNA into Litopenaeus vannamei by Reverse Gavage Induces Protection against White Spot Syndrome Virus Disease - Duan S. Loy, Lyric Bartholomay, D.L. (Hank) Harris

AS Leaflet-R2754 Factors Associated with Neutralizing Antibody Response in Piglets Experimentally Infected with Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Virus - Andrew Hess, Benjamin Trible, Nicholas Boddicker, Raymond Rowland, Joan Lunney, Susan Carpenter, Jack Dekkers

AS Leaflet-R2755 Discovery and Use of a Natural Mutation that Results in Severe Combined Immuno Deficiency in Pigs - Emily Waide, Chris Tuggle, Matthew Ellinwood, Jason Ross, Nick Boddicker, Dinesh Thekkoot, Jennifer Young, Elizabeth Snella, Sam Ho, Raymond Rowland, Carol Wyatt, Hui He, Jack Dekkers

Animal Products

AS Leaflet-R2756 Consumer Acceptance of Fresh Meat Packaging with Carbon Monoxide - Carola Grebitus, Helen Jensen, Jutta Roosen, Joseph Sebranek

AS Leaflet-R2757 Nitrite Reaction Rates with Substrates for Meat Curing in a Model System - Gary Sullivan, Joseph Sebranek

AS Leaflet-R2758 Use of Natural Antimicrobials for Inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes on Naturally-Cured Frankfurters - Yuan Xi, Gary Sullivan, Joseph Sebranek

AS Leaflet-R2759 Controlling Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobactor jejuni, Salmonella enterica Typhimurium and Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Meat Products by Irradiation Combined with Modified Atmosphere Packaging - Li Kudra, Joseph Sebranek, distinguished James Dickson, Aubrey Mendonca, Armitra Jackson-Davis, Qijing Zhang, Kenneth Prusa, Zheng Lu

AS Leaflet-R2760 High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing for Improving the Control of Listeria monocytogenes on Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Sliced Ham with Variable Nitrite Concentrations - Kevin Myers, Jerry Cannon, Damian Montoya, James Dickson, Steven Lonergan, Joseph Sebranek

AS Leaflet-R2761 Effects of Diet, Packaging and Irradiation on Protein Oxidation, Lipid Oxidation of Raw Broiler Thigh Meat - Shan Xiao, Wan Gang Zhang, Eun Joo Lee, Dong Ahn

AS Leaflet-R2762 Dose-Dependent Changes of Chemical Attributes in Irradiated Sausages - Kichang Nam, Joongho Kwon, Eun Joo Lee, Dong Ahn

AS Leaflet-R2763 Lipid and Protein Oxidation of Chicken Breast Rolls as Affected by Dietary Oxidation Levels and Packaging - Shan Xiao, Wan Gang Zhang, Eun Joo Lee, Dong Ahn

AS Leaflet-R2764 Evaluation of Radiation-induced Compounds in Irradiated Raw or Cooked Chicken Meat during Storage - Joong-Ho Kwon, Kichang Nam, Eun Joo Lee, Dong Ahn

AS Leaflet-R2765 Effect of Garlic, Onion, and their Combination on the Quality and Sensory Characteristics of Irradiated Raw Ground Beef - Han Sul Yang, Eun Joo Lee, Sunhee Moon, Hyun Dong Paik, Dong Ahn

AS Leaflet-R2766 Supplemental Vitamin C Alleviates the Negative Effect of High Sulphur on Meat Quality - Danielle Pogge, Steven Lonergan, Stephanie Hansen

AS Leaflet-R2767 Composition and Quality Characteristics of Pigs Selected for Divergent RFI on High- or Low-Energy Diets - Emily Arkfeld, Emily Benedict, Roger Johnson, Jennifer Young, John Patience, Jack Dekkers, Nicholas Gabler, Steven Lonergan, Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan

January 2013

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