Superior hydration gets pigs off to good start at Mauney farms

Good farrowing managers know that newborn pigs need all the help they can get. With harsh winter forecasts, managers understand that superior management protocols must be in place to ensure pigs stay well-nourished and hydrated. Rick Purnell provides an insight into the use of Tonisity Px, an isotonic drink for pigs, which has been proven to help fall-behinds and runts reach weaning with the rest of the group.
calendar icon 2 January 2018
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Jacqueline Owens, farrowing manager at Mauney Farms in Sharon, South Carolina, has been successfully managing newborns at her facilities by helping fall-behinds and runts catch up with their peers. She and her team have incorporated Tonisity Px, the first isotonic protein drink for pigs, into their routines.

We were looking for something that would give them some energy,” Owens says. “We were having problems with fall-behinds we moved on to nurse sows because they never really caught up to where we needed them to be. We introduced Px to them, they got a boost of energy, wanted to suckle the sows, and gained weight. They turned into pigs that we’re now able to wean.

We wanted to fully utilise our runt pigs, too,” Owens adds. “We followed the protocols for Px and now we’re able to successfully wean more than ever. When we’re ready to wean these pigs, you would never have guessed these were small pigs when they first started off because they’re about the same size as what we’re already weaning.

Producers worldwide who have incorporated Tonisity Px report that it helps decrease pre-weaning mortality, increase weaning weight and increases the potential of higher economic return than if pigs had not received it.

Stress in animals comes with any change. For baby pigs, this begins immediately after birth as they transition to sows’ milk in a new environment where they must compete with siblings for nourishment. This stress affects piglets’ intestinal health and results in lowered appetites and dehydration. Px is specifically formulated to bring balance back to the intestines and gut,” explains Ava Firth, DVM, Director of Research and Development with Tonisity.

Tonisity Px is formulated as a powder that mixes easily with water and remains in suspension when used in a creep feeder or pan. It fits into all management systems and can be used during suckling, weaning and before or after transportation. Its unique, sweet-and-sour taste especially appeals to baby pigs.

Owens and her team note that Tonisity Px easily fits into daily routines and is benefiting piglet health, as well as the balance sheet on the Mauney operation.

She’s assured that keeping it in their protocols will ensure that more pigs will better handle the stress of what may be a tough winter ahead and thrive in spite of it.

Rick Purnell

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