The importance of a "good gut feeling" in pig production

Good gut health can reduce pig mortality, improve weight gain and enhance welfare. It's a complicated topic, but understanding it can directly translate to happier, healthier and faster-growing pigs.
calendar icon 10 March 2020
clock icon 5 minute read
sows in stalls in an intensive farming system
Understanding gut health can boost the feed conversion ratio of our farmed stock without resorting to antibiotics, which are losing favour with pork consumers

Higher feed conversion ratios mean less input, environmental impacts and better profitability. © Infarmco

sow with piglets in a farrowing crate
Weaning piglets are especially prone to gut infections because the dramatic nutritional shift from a pure milk to a solid diet stresses the gastrointestinal tract of the animals

This often leads to diarrhoea, malnutrition or even death. A solid understanding of gut health can reduce weaning mortality to under 5 percent. © Infarmco

Gregg Yan

Environmentalist Gregg Yan is the founder of the Best Alternatives Campaign, which works to promote sustainable seafood while transforming the trade in wild-caught ornamental fish and invertebrates. He formerly helmed communications for WWF and Oceana and now leads CSR efforts for the Asia Pacific Association of Communication Directors.

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