Biomin's Line Boasts Successful Combination of Plant Derivatives and Essential Oils

28 May 2014, at 8:31am

US - Phytogenic feed additives (PFA) are a group of natural or non-antibiotic growth promoters, derived from herbs, spices or other plants consisting mainly of plant ex ctracts, essential oils and their active principles.

They are used in animal feeding to improve the performance of agricultural livestock. The fine art of formulating PFA lies in finding a suitable combination of the right plant materials.

There is a very thin line between a successful formula and a mere mixture of different components. A combination of different plant materials, including herbs and spices in complete and finely ground form, essential oils and non-volatile extracts, maximises the full potential that these plants offer – that is, the synergistic effects of the active constituents.

Biomin's Digestarom® phytogenic product line boasts a successful combination of these plant derivatives and essential oils. A multitude of essential live-processes can be influenced by PFA. Some of these include:

  • Stimulating endogenous secretions, one of the most important effects of PFA, which improves digestibility of nutrients, especially protein and most amino acids
  • Modulating the gut microbiota which stabilises gut health and functionality, thus supporting the immune system
  • Exerting positive effects on the liver and stomach function, gut motility and a multitude of other bodily functions
  • Reducing stressor-effects by downgrading inflammatory protein release and/ or enhanced cyto-protective protein production, thus positively affecting metabolic processes and animal well-being, and
  • Complex PFA exert flavoring properties which are equivalent to conventional flavours.

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