Biomin's Line Boasts Successful Combination of Plant Derivatives and Essential Oils

US - Phytogenic feed additives (PFA) are a group of natural or non-antibiotic growth promoters, derived from herbs, spices or other plants consisting mainly of plant ex ctracts, essential oils and their active principles.
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They are used in animal feeding to improve the performance of agricultural livestock. The fine art of formulating PFA lies in finding a suitable combination of the right plant materials.

There is a very thin line between a successful formula and a mere mixture of different components. A combination of different plant materials, including herbs and spices in complete and finely ground form, essential oils and non-volatile extracts, maximises the full potential that these plants offer – that is, the synergistic effects of the active constituents.

Biomin's Digestarom® phytogenic product line boasts a successful combination of these plant derivatives and essential oils. A multitude of essential live-processes can be influenced by PFA. Some of these include:

  • Stimulating endogenous secretions, one of the most important effects of PFA, which improves digestibility of nutrients, especially protein and most amino acids
  • Modulating the gut microbiota which stabilises gut health and functionality, thus supporting the immune system
  • Exerting positive effects on the liver and stomach function, gut motility and a multitude of other bodily functions
  • Reducing stressor-effects by downgrading inflammatory protein release and/ or enhanced cyto-protective protein production, thus positively affecting metabolic processes and animal well-being, and
  • Complex PFA exert flavoring properties which are equivalent to conventional flavours.

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