SowMAX E-book - New Manual on Feeding Lactating Sows

12 March 2015, at 12:39am

GLOBAL - Hog Slat wrote an E-book on feeding lactating sows with SowMAX, and it is now available for free download, writes the company's Scott Bauck.

SowMAX Handbook - Feeding Lactating SowsFeeding lactating sows is a tough job. Training farrowing house personnel to do the job correctly may be one of the biggest challenges a unit manager faces.

Feed her too much, and the feed can spoil and must be discarded. Feed her too little, and she will not get all the nutrients she needs to produce milk and maintain proper body condition.

A sow produces more milk per pound of body weight than a milk cow, and they simply can’t produce to their full genetic potential without being fed correctly.

SowMAX eliminates all the guesswork. And now, the SowMAX Handbook: Feeding the Lactating Sow with SowMax offers an illustrated manual that helps you train your staff and makes feeding your lactating sows easy.

Click here to download your free copy.

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